About the project

Called to Revolt is a studio project with its beginnings in summer of 2014 when Pan Nikt, author and creator met Chris Lesniowski, guitarist and songwriter. Artists immediately found common ground. And then a crazy idea came into their minds. What if... they form the best rock 'n' roll band since the golden years of the genre?

They took a few Chris' riffs and a few Pan Nikt's lyrics and on the very same summer, songs like Rock 'n' Roll Rise and Comin' for You were born. After a while also Rockman was created. As soon as there was some more material to work with, Chris invited a few friends, hard rocking musicians to jam with and to work on the new project. For a few months, young rockers were jamming and hanging out, being hungry to experience more and more rock and roll recklessness, which was always stoking their enthusiasm, like a rocket fuel. That’s the way they met Daniel Landowski – the high voltage rock 'n' roll drum player, with whom they spent long night hours jamming and working on the new material. Around the same time, they met Dave Tokarski, who added totally new flavor to their music with his wild, rebel guitar playing. They also started jamming with Szymon "Bosy" Bosak, another great drummer and master of groove.

They had established part of the line-up, but for some time they just couldn't find the right voice for their music. Also, the bass player was needed. They decided, they won't wait any moment longer to show their music to the world. And in 2016 they recorded and released a debut EP called Comin’ for You! with a guest performance of Brazilian vocalist, Dan Vasc and session bass player, Adam Gordon. Then the project in its final form was born. In the very same year, Rockman was released on the international compilation album, Spectra.

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